Tier10 is an award-winning advertising agency specializing in automotive dealer associations. Located near Washington, D.C., with offices in New York and Miami, Tier10 is one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies two years straight and debuted at number 26 on the Agency 100.

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Tier10lab is the official web presence of Tier10, reporting on the latest in social, creative, technology, marketing, the automotive industry and more.



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"While in meetings with current and prospective partners, we consistently hear remarks that Tier10's creative is truly industry leading."
- Mike Shea, Wildfire Interactive by Google

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Wanted: Co-Conspirators for the connected world... As a result of our continued success, we are growing and looking for passionate, creative professionals that share our vision & can bring their own unique outlook to enhance our team.

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Our Team

Sean Wolfington


At the age of 34, Wolfington was a finalist in Ernst & Young's "Entrepreneur of the Year Award," which was won by Wayne Huizenga, founder of Blockbuster and AutoNation, the previous year. Wolfington was also recently named the 2010 "Entrepreneur of Year" and listed on the Haute 100 Most Influential list by Haute Living magazine.

Wolfington's film production company, the One Media, produced three major motion pictures: "Self-Medicated," the most award winning film of 2006 (38 awards), "The Mighty Macs," and "Bella." "Bella" won the largest festival in the world (Toronto International Film Festival) and was the #1 Top Rated Film in 2007 by the largest film review site in the world RottenTomatoes.com. "Bella" was also the #1 grossing film of 2007 in its category.

Before starting the production company, Wolfington founded some of the most successful marketing and consulting companies in the automotive industry – Automark and Cyber Car (sold to Reynolds and Reynolds in 2001) and BZ Results (sold to ADP in 2006). BZ Results was recognized as the "Innovative Company of the Year" for pioneering digital marketing in the automotive industry and enabling billions of dollars of retail sales over the Internet.

Our Team

David Boice


David Boice is a self-made entrepreneur and financier. Throughout his career, he has owned numerous companies in the technology, real estate, marine and automotive industries. Boice co-founded two of the largest technology and consulting companies (AutoMark and Cyber Car) in the automotive industry with an enterprise value of $200 million.

David was born in Columbus, GA, to Craig and JoAnn Boice and is the product of a distinguished military family. His father, Craig H. Boice, was drafted as a private only to retire early as a two-star Major General. General Boice served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff under both Reagan and Bush, received the prestigious National Defense Meritorious Medal, and is one of the most decorated generals in the Army's history. Serving twice as an infantry officer during the Vietnam War, he was awarded the Soldier's Medal, 3 Silver Stars, 4 Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and the Distinguished Service Cross. Upon General Boice's retirement from the military, the two Boices embarked upon what would become the largest and most profitable Internet company in the automotive industry.

At the early age of 22, Boice co-founded his first technology company, AutoMark. He and his partners doggedly built the company from the ground up before selling in 2000 as part of one of the largest technology transactions in the automotive industry.

Our Team

Justin S. Byrd


Justin began his career in the automotive industry more than 12 years ago at Chrysler Group LLC. During his time there, he worked his way up the corporate ladder, wearing many hats. After starting in the field organization for sales and service, he moved into regional distribution and was later promoted to work at World HQ managing dealership processes in Five Star and national dealer relations. Justin rounded out the first half of his career in the Office of the Chairman.

In 2008 and 2009, during arguably the most turbulent time in the auto industry, he worked on the Washington Rescue Package, which ultimately ended up becoming the blueprint for the revival of Chrysler Group LLC. He was also instrumental in the assembling of FIAT and Chrysler. For the second half of his career at Chrysler, he ran Global Market Representation in Dealer Network, oversaw operations for FIAT North America, and in his last post was Head of Marketing & Advertising (Multicultural) across all Chrysler Group brands.

With high energy, enthusiasm and passion, Justin is a strong leader who thrives on building positive, effective relationships. He is adept at recognizing the critical path needed to attain objectives and prides himself on his ability to overcome obstacles by providing sound, feasible solutions. Justin excels as a leader by fostering an environment that promotes communication, trust and teamwork. As a result, he has a proven track record of leading and creating groups of people who are confident, motivated and proficient in their craft.

Justin is a graduate of the historic Morris Brown College. He also earned his MBA from the Eli Broad School of Management at Michigan State University.

Our Team

Scott Rodgers

Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

Very few Automotive CCOs are born into the car business. Scott Rodgers grew up in his father's dealerships, providing him with an automotive foundation and depth of knowledge that few, if any, creative directors have. Scott began his automotive career selling cars in the family dealership. He learned the basics of sales and the foundation of direct customer interaction in sales. His education was enhanced by also seeing the business from the perspective of an owner or general manager. Scott learned about the interactivity of all departments and the importance of profitability.

While perfecting his style and craft at his father's stores, Scott's work caught the eye of many top dealers. With numerous offers and a desire to branch out on his own, Scott began his "solo" career as the Creative Director at The Koons Automotive Companies based in Northern Virginia, where he teamed up with Scott Fletcher for the first time. A self-taught student of design, Rodgers has the "it" factor, a gift for creative and design that just can't be taught.

Rodgers' quality of work, passion for design, and pursuit of perfection has vaulted him into rare air when it comes to the merging creative design and automotive advertising. We believe his work speaks for itself. He continues to develop and design some of the industry's leading social and digital campaigns, blending the integration of technology and design. Follow Scott on Twitter @Scotty703.

Our Team

Scott Fletcher


Born and raised in the Washington metro area, Scott has spent his entire career in the Automotive Advertising arena.

Starting his career at one of Washington D.C.'s premiere ad agencies in Georgetown gave Scott an unfair advantage. The agency handled one of the top automotive groups in the country, The Jim Koons Automotive Company, Papa John's Pizza and Chili's Restaurant chains, and Washington, D.C.-based FlavoRx, a manufacturer of flavorings used in children's medications, as well as some of D.C.'s largest political spenders. After the agency merged with another national powerhouse, Scott had the opportunity to join the Koons Automotive Company as the Marketing Director and accept the challenge to build an in-house agency, where he met Scott Rodgers.

After 6 years of building and running the department, the group became one of the top 15 dealer groups in the nation, the largest Internet dealer as well as one of the top 5 Toyota dealers in the nation. The gold standard for in-house ad agencies had been achieved right before he was hand picked by the Vice President of AutoNation to join Zimmerman Advertising and manage the North East Region accounts for AutoNation.

In 2008, Fletcher left Zimmerman to team up with Scott Rodgers, David Boice and Sean Wolfington to start Tier10. Using what he learned from some of the best minds in The automotive business, he began to help develop an innovative marketing system that incorporates best practices, strategies, award-winning creative and simply the passion to be #1.

Our Team

Joe High

Vice President Digital

Joe has spent his entire career in the automotive industry. Immediately following college Joe joined XIGroup, a website solutions provider for car dealers in Baltimore, MD. Working his way up from the companies first customer support rep, Joe went on to run the company as the General Manager 8 years later. After successfully leading XIGroup, he began taking on additional General Manager roles at businesses including XIGroup's sister company in the automotive website space, Dealerskins. Dealerskins was one of the industry's top website providers for car dealers and pioneered new products for their customers. In 2011, Joe left XIGroup and Dealerskins to see a different side of the automotive industry and joined Team Velocity Marketing as their Vice President of Client Services. Since then he has worked within a variety of departments focusing on creating efficiencies and accountability to help improve the products and processes for each customer. Today, Joe serves as the Vice President of our Digital Services for Tier10 Marketing. Tier10 customers can expect to see the same focus on product development, efficiencies and accountability that lead to exceptional products, unparalleled customer support and industry leading results.

Our Team

Jo Anne Williams

Executive Director of Associations

Jo Anne Williams is an open-minded and forward-thinking strategist with a proven track record in the dealer association arena. She brings to Tier10 over 25 years of broadcast media, advertising and creative experience. Throughout her career, Jo Anne has established herself as a marketing trendsetter while working with some of the largest dealer associations in the country. Jo Anne is passionate about passing along her values and knowledge on to her teams. Her far-reaching experience, coupled with her contagious enthusiasm, makes her an invaluable collaborator.

Early in her career, Jo Anne distinguished herself as a powerhouse in sales before starting her own media-buying business and earning a reputation for successfully building product and business model innovations that drive growth. Most recently, she served as the president and co-founder of an advertising agency that evolved from a home-based business to a multi-million dollar operation.

Jo Anne is a third-generation Floridian and a graduate of Florida State University. She is an active member in various community-based organizations such as the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, Boca Raton Rotary Club and the George Snow Scholarship Foundation.

Our Team

Olivia Devereux

Media Director

With almost 20 years of experience in strategic media buying, Olivia has managed accounts in 140 of the 210 media markets in the country, including all of the top 10. She and her team are responsible for creating strategic, targeted media buys for automotive marketing and advertising campaigns. She currently manages the media buys for some of the largest automotive dealerships and Tier 2 automotive groups in the country. Prior to Tier10, Olivia honed her expertise in the automotive media field as the Media Director for Jim Koons Automotive Companies, one of the largest dealership groups in the Mid-Atlantic region with 20 stores. Her previous experience includes media buying for political candidates and third-party advertisers. Olivia holds a B.A. in Government from The College of William and Mary.

Our Team

Regina Washington

Director of Human Resources

Regina Washington is a certified Human Resources Professional with over 14 years of progressive HR generalist experience in the U.S. and South West Asia. With a background in both small business and corporate HR, her experience has spanned several industries, including Automotive Marketing, Healthcare and Information Technology.

Regina has a proven track of record of being highly professional, knowledgeable and a trusted HR business partner for management, simultaneously serving as an advocate for the company's employees. She has a successful background of being both a strategic HR planner and a highly capable, daily hands-on HR professional. She is recognized for developing effective HR practices, providing leadership and promoting professional development. Her expertise includes employee relations, training and development, recruiting, screening and selection, and succession planning.

Our Team

Rebecca Fortier


Rebecca Fortier has been in the accounting field for since 1999, when she naturally transitioned into an accounts receivable/accounts payable role, along with many other duties. Over the years, Rebecca has worked across a wide range of businesses while growing her accounting knowledge. She has been in the automotive/transportation sector for over a decade now and considers it "home" because of the great people and clients she's worked with over the years. While she enjoy all aspects of accounting, Rebecca excels in projections and financial statement preparation.


Tier10 Highlight Reel

Category: Multimedia

Show reels often "reveal" very little about a person or agency's depth of experience, as they're often over-abridged summations of one's video portfolio. They do, however, offer a very quick look at the place, people and things an agency has covered and allows for a bit of nostalgia to shine through at the same time.

The featured video proudly displays a very small part of the video production activity to come out of Tier10 in the past 12 months.

The video holds event, mini-documentary, animation, 3D, national commercial and viral video footage. Featured clients include the New York Acura Dealers Association, Paragon Auto Group's Brian Benstock, vignettes from the New York and North American International Auto Shows, and our latest commercial effort with the New York Yankees' Mariano Rivera.

Most footage was captured on Canon 5Ds, GoPros, and the RED Digital Cinema Camera. Tier10's preferred post-production software applications are Apple's Final Cut Studio, Adobe's AfterEffects, and Maxon's Cinema 4D.

Project Image

Cash For Clunkers

Category: Case Study

Tier10 implemented a multi-dimensional marketing strategy that included a national website, CashForClunkersInformation.org, online marketing, and a publicity campaign that educated consumers about the program before the legislation was signed into law.

Customers qualified themselves on the website with their "Clunker Calculator" and were connected with a dealer. Celebrity spokespeople promoted the site on all the top networks, generating so much traffic that the site crashed on 4 different occasions and generated over 50,000 leads nationally. Large organizations like Rick Case (6,000 leads), Paragon (5,000 leads) and Penske (3,500 leads) had to use Tier10's call center to respond to the overwhelming lead volume. Tier10 also implemented a local campaign for their dealers that included a regional website, online marketing, traditional ads, publicity, direct mail campaign to the "Clunker List," and in-store merchandising.

"They promoted a regional Cash for Clunkers website they built for our dealership that generated 1000 leads in the first week," said Benstock. As a result of the strategy, Paragon sold more clunker vehicles than any other single point Honda dealer in the country. "Dealers in my Honda Association asked to use our campaign, and I agreed."

The New York Honda Association worked on their Cash for Clunkers marketing strategy with Level 5 Advertising, a marketing company owned by partners David Boice, Sean Wolfington, Scott Rodgers and Scott Fletcher, that specializes in helping regional advertising associations. "We created Level 5 to work exclusively with associations," said Boice. The regional campaign included a website, online marketing, publicity, direct mail to the "Clunker List" and in-store merchandising. The regional website that Level 5 built, www.NYCarsProgram.com, included a 3D tour of the 11 Honda vehicles that qualified and connected consumers to one of the 17 retailers that were closest to their zip code.

The NY Honda Association doubled their market share, over that of Toyota's, during the clunker campaign. After Clunkers abruptly ended, Tier10 helped their dealers maintain the momentum by creating a privately funded national program called the Auto Stimulus Plan, www.AutoStimulusPlan.com, where consumers could get up to $4,500 of additional trade-in value toward the purchase of a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle. The national program's success was covered by the New York Times, Associated Press, Yahoo and many major networks.

Tier10 and Level 5 were subsequently recognized in Automotive News, Wards and AutoSuccess for their winning strategy, and they emerged as the clear winner amongst marketing firms in what turned out to be the Super Bowl of marketing for the automotive industry.

Project Image

The First Cadillac –
Washington D.C. Area Cadillac Dealer Association

Category: Case Study

In December 2008, Tier10 was approached by the Washington D.C. Area Cadillac Dealers' Association to help them expand their presence in the already competitive luxury market.

Tier10 sought a unique solution to this brand-building exercise and through preliminary research unearthed a little known fact about Cadillac and the presidency of the United States, creating a Cadillac campaign with extraordinary results.

Project Details
Our Process
Our Strategry
The Results
  • When people hear the word "Cadillac," they think luxury American-made cars and SUVs. We made certain to stay brand consistent with Cadillac's 100-year history.

    Researching the history of Cadillac and the U.S. presidency was an educational exercise that we were excited to share with the public. Incorporating Cadillac's already well-defined brand, we integrated the long-standing history between this luxury vehicle and the presidency of the United States: "Cadillac has been the 'First Car' since 1907."

    With the historic inauguration of Barack Obama rapidly approaching, we saw an opportunity to help the Washington D.C. Area Cadillac Dealers' Association creatively dominate local print outlets without pushing a retail message.

    Building a multi-media campaign that included an entire website, full page newspaper ads, as well as a one-time-only front page "strip" in the Washington Times, we set out to build a branding campaign for Cadillac that encompassed just two of the ten tiers our company is built on, Tier 02: Traditional and Tier 03: Digital.

  • UUsing creative media placement, we were able to place a strip ad on the front page of the Washington Times the day following the inauguration (a very popular issue that many people hold on to) along with a full page ad pointing readers to a custom website illustrating the complete history of Cadillac and the presidency and featuring a video, photo gallery and links to the regional Cadillac website highlighting current local offers and vehicle profiles.
  • Results were staggering considering our limited reach, print and web only. The print ads ran in only three circulation issues. Day one received 12,228 unique visitors; day two received 18,094 unique visitors, an unexpected increase for day-two tracking; and day three received 7,121 unique visitors.

Doritos: Crash The Super Bowl

Category: Multimedia

This 2007 TV spot was created for Doritos' annual commercial competition. It was Tier10's attempt to "Crash The Super Bowl," as the contest is named. The entry was a Top 100 finalist in a competition with hundreds of thousand submissions.

This video was created using various software, including Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools for audio. The bags were animated with bend deformers mostly. Tier10 decided to use all the elements provided by Doritos instead of one song and one theme, creating an ad that gives the viewer a feel for each flavor in a short span of time.

Agency: Tier10
Creative Director: Scott Rodgers
Director/Editor: Alex Campuzano
VP of Client Services: Scott Fletcher
Post: Final Cut Pro
TRT: 0:30

Project Image

Rick Case Honda

Category: Case Study

Rick Case Honda was struggling to stay in the top 10 in the country, topping out at #9 in 2011, and they decided they wanted to become #1 in 2012. That was their challenge and our mission.

Rick Case Honda was the fastest growing Honda dealers in the top 10 for 2012. National ranking #9 to #1 in June 2012. Year-to-date growth +20%, one of the fastest growing Honda dealers in the top 10 for 2012.

Six months later, Rick Case Honda was the #1 selling Honda dealer in June 2012 after they implemented an integrated strategy that combined the power of traditional advertising and digital marketing. Tier10 kicked off 2012 with an exclusive premiere of a major motion picture for Rick Case's customers and employees. Additionally, Tier10 implemented a series of campaigns through TV, radio, print, outdoor, PR, direct mail and email, search engine marketing, online display and video ads, social media and mobile marketing with a focus on the English and Spanish markets. Tier10 also created and implemented an exclusive partnership with Univision to launch the first Hispanic Auto Buying Program in Miami, AutoAmigo.com, with Don Francisco, the "Oprah" of Spanish television as the spokesperson.


CNG Civic

Category: Multimedia

This video captures Tier10′s photo shoot with the 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas. Working with photographer Douglas Sonders, Tier10 had exclusive access to the CNG models thanks to client Brian Benstock at Paragon Honda.

For a full review of the car and the shoot, see: An Energy Efficient Game-Changer: The Honda Civic CNG

Client: Paragon Honda
Agency: Tier10
Creative Director: Scott Rodgers
Photographer: Douglas Sonders
Marketing Director: Andrew Diffenderfer

Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L
Post: Final Cut Studio 3



Category: Multimedia

What people are saying about Tier10.

Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees
Doug Frisbie, head of Facebook Automotive Department
Ken Hicks from the NY Acura Dealers Association
Joe Shuster, Honda of Downtown LA owner
Richard Bustillo from Rick Case Honda
The Bryan Brothers, pro tennis players
Cesar Conde, president of Univision Networks

Project Image

Ritz Carton and Tony Bennett

Category: Case Study

Tony Bennett and The Bryan Bothers wanted to raise awareness and money for their non-profit organizations to benefit children. The Ritz Carlton wanted to create publicity around the Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament, the second biggest in the U.S., without spending an unreasonable amount of money.


Tier10 produced two events that helped all three stakeholders accomplish their goals. Tier10 created the Tony Bennett Celebrity Pro-Am Tennis Tournament and dinner concert, which raised $500,000 for charity and generated international publicity through over 100,000 media outlets. The tournament brought together the best players in the world, including: the #1 Men's player, Novak Djokovic; the #1 Women's player, Caroline Wozniacki; the #1 Doubles Team, the Bryan Brothers: and the #1 American Singles player, Mardy Fish; along with Ana Ivanovic, Ryan Harrison and Kim Clijsters, the 3-time US Open Champion. Tier10 invited international press and allowed the 20 most influential media professionals to play with the pros. Later that evening, Tier10 produced a dinner concert where Tony Bennett performed and did a duet with Alejandro Sanz, the most Grammy Award-winning Spanish artist in history, for the top 400 leaders who flew in for the tournament.

The event raised $500,000 to help kids fulfill their potential through sports and the arts, and the Ritz received valuable publicity through thousands of media outlets in multiple sectors, including entertainment, music, tennis and the mainstream press.

Charity Fund Raiser
$500,000 to benefit two charities that help kids fulfill their potential through sports and the arts

Celebrity Participation
Tony Bennett, Alejandro Sanz, Novak Djokovic, Caroline Wozniacki, The Bryan Brothers, Mardy Fish, 20 top media and +400 influential leaders

International Press
Thousands of media outlets from the US, Europe and Latin America in multiple sectors, including entertainment, music, tennis and mainstream media

Project Image

New York Acura Dealers Association

Category: Multimedia

The New York Acura Dealers were competing against Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz with a fraction of their budgets. In order to grow market share, The New York Acura Dealers needed to stand out in New York City, but had a much smaller budget than their competitors.

Tier10 worked with The New York Acura Dealers to get permission, from Acura, to produce a custom creative campaign featuring Mariano Rivera, baseball's all-time leading closer and five-time World Series Champion. Mariano's valuable brand helped The New York Acura Dealers stand out in the crowd, and the digital campaign enabled the dealers to attract more customers for less money. The New York Acura Dealers increased market share more than all competitors in the region, despite having a smaller marketing budget. The New York Acura Region is growing 41.3% faster than the rest of the country.

Project Image


Category: Case Study

Shakira wanted to drive more fans to her website and social networks to support the release of her album and tour.

Shakira had a successful release and sold out concert tour due in part to the digital marketing strategy that Tier10 architected for her and her tour. One of the campaigns was a user-generated video contest that helped her Waka Waka music video become the most viewed YouTube video in history, with nearly half a billion views. Another user-generated contest that Tier10 created was called The "Opening Act" Contest. The "Opening Act" Contest invited artists to upload videos so fans could view and vote for their favorites. The winning artists would open for Shakira at her concert. The publicity campaign for the contest generated an increase in traffic to Shakira's website and was part of the strategy that attracted 15 million Twitter followers and 50 million Facebook friends who she can market to for free.

The New York Post Page Six publicity (above) was strategically placed on Black Friday, the most difficult day of the year to get coverage.

WAKA WAKA +500M YouTube Views
FACEBOOK +50M Friends
TWITTER +15M Followers
PUBLICITY New York Post Page Six

Project Image

QR Code
An ink spot? No, it's a QR interactive ad

Category: Case Study

If you're not tech-savvy, you might have thought it was an odd inkblot on your newspaper. But those in the know could link from the QR — for quick response — bar code on the newspaper ad to dealership websites through their cell phones.

Three New York Acura dealers first used the bar code technology in an April 14 full-page ad in The New York Times. The dealers hoped the ads would build sales and, maybe, a local dealer ad association.

Consumers could download a QR app and scan the code with a smart-phone camera. Doing so took them to a special website, nyacuradealers.com, where they could access the dealerships' online content on their cell phones.

Paragon Acura in Woodside, N.Y., is one of the three dealerships taking part in the campaign. Brian Benstock, Paragon's general manager, says the ads offer something extra for people who embrace the latest technology.

"We wanted to add value to a print ad and do something that nobody else was doing," Benstock says. "This makes one-dimensional newspaper ads multidimensional. It could be a big deal. It could be a way to marry traditional print with this new technology. Acura buyers are in the know."

A second newspaper ad ran May 9 with the code, plus instructions on how to use it. The second ad touted a factory incentive program that allows qualified buyers of new 2010 Acuras to purchase the vehicles with no down payment, no security deposit and no first payment.

The other two dealerships in the ad hoc New York Acura Association are Rallye Acura in Roslyn and Acura of Westchester in Larchmont, but more dealerships may join.

Benstock hopes the new-tech ads will prompt the 13 Acura dealerships in his district to form a dealer ad association. He says all but "three or four" have committed to joining the group. It is important that all dealers that stand to benefit from the advertising should help pay for it, Benstock says.

He says: "We wanted to draw in the other Acura dealers who are on the fence."

The advertising campaigns were created by Tier10, which works with car dealerships.

The company was founded by partners Sean Wolfington, David Boice, Scott Fletcher and Scott Rodgers.

This bar code helped readers connect with three New York dealerships.

Project Image

Tier10 – A New Kind of Marketing Company

Category: Case Study

Dealers spend too much money working with too many vendors on disconnected ad campaigns that are often confusing for customers and dealership staff. TV and radio commercials tout one message, and newspaper, direct mail and emails claim another, yet none of the above can be found on a dealership's website or showroom floor.

Many of the most successful dealers in the country — Penske, Paragon, Hendrick and others — are working with Tier10 to implement integrated marketing strategies that promote all of their profit centers — new, used, finance, service and parts — with a consistent message delivered through all 10 tiers of marketing: traditional, digital, mobile, social, reputation management, publicity, targeted direct mail, niche marketing, merchandising and retention.

One of Tier10's most impressive accomplishments is that they are the ad agency that made Paragon Automotive #1 in every brand they represent — Honda, Acura and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. When Paragon began working with Tier10, their best month was 36th in the country with Acura and 17th with Honda. Within nine months, both stores were #1 in combined new and CPO sales in the country and have remained on top for over a year, while also setting records for profitability, CSI and customer loyalty. "We were spending way too much money with 15 different companies who had completely different strategies, messages, look and feel, and now we work with one company who ties it all together with one integrated approach. I spend less, make more and it works," said Brian Benstock, co-owner of Paragon Honda & Acura in Queens, NY.

As a top 20 dealer, Paragon was far from broken, but Teddy Nissan opened after Ted Bessen bought the store when it was only selling 28 cars a month in 2009. Six months later, Teddy was selling over 250 cars a month and had already paid off the initial investment of the store. One thing is for sure, dealers who have an integrated marketing strategy that connects their traditional advertising with the other 9 tiers can spend less money to attract, sell and retain more customers.

Project Image

LA SOGA Movie World Premier, NYC

Category: Case Study

La Soga is an edgy, action-packed thriller set in the Dominican Republic and New York City starring local Queens, NY, native Manny Perez. Perez, who not only stars in the movie but also wrote and produced the film, approached Paragon Honda and Acura, of his hometown Queens, to participate in the NYC world premier of La Soga.

Brian Benstock, vice president and general manager of Paragon, recognized a unique opportunity to align Paragon Honda and Acura, Manny Perez and La Soga with the local community and tap into the huge Latino market that La Soga was made for.

With limited time and planning, Benstock challenged Tier10 to turn La Soga's world premier into a successful marketing opportunity for the Paragon stores. We immediately recognized this exclusive cross-promotion as a database and community-building effort.

With only 11 days to develop, execute and capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime chance, we quickly defined our end-goal and created a blueprint for the "perfect social campaign" that focused on the social media landscape that is synonymous with this type of media and celebrity event. Among our many endeavors we launched a hugely successful Facebook campaign that offered an online VIP Red Carpet Experience giveaway, which included two tickets to the La Soga World Premier Event in NYC and the cast after-party.

Our Goals:
Design and execute the "perfect social campaign" to capture as many unique registrants to help build Paragon's internal databases for future marketing initiatives.

Our Strategy:
Direct all advertising and traffic through Paragon's Facebook pages by creating custom contest tabs where individuals had to "like" Paragon in order to watch the La Soga trailer and enter the VIP Red Carpet Experience giveaway.

The Result:
Together Paragon Honda and Acura generated 481 new "likes" and 279 unique registrations for the giveaway. We were able to more than double each store's social community in less than 11 days, capturing 609 new active email addresses for future marketing initiatives.

Project Image

Paragon Honda & Acura, from #17 to #1

Category: Case Study

Paragon had an in-house ad agency that worked with 12 different companies to execute every part of their strategy, and the vendors didn't work together so the campaigns were not integrated. It was confusing for their customers because the TV and radio commercials had one message, direct mail had another, the Internet manager was sending emails with different offers, and none of it was on their website or point-of-purchase materials in the dealership. Paragon looked to Tier10 to develop and implement one integrated marketing strategy that is completely connected and consistent.

The Process

Market Research
Tier10 uses extensive market research to identify consumers that have the highest statistical probability of doing business with their clients. We use the manufacturer's research, Polk Market data, and the dealer's historic sales and service trends to plan which customers to target in the future.

Traditional Advertising
Traditional advertising on TV, radio and print is expensive in New York, like other major metro markets. As a result, Paragon shifted a lot of their traditional ad budget to more targeted marketing that generates better returns. However, since Latinos make up half of Paragon's market, they have leveraged some good buys on Spanish radio, as well as print ads in the New York Times where they include QR technology, a barcode that links consumers' mobile phones to Paragon's website where they can learn more about the offer and contact the dealership.

Online Marketing
Over 90% of Honda consumers use the web to shop, so we implemented an in-depth strategy for search engine optimization and marketing, email marketing, banner ads on popular websites like Facebook, social media marketing, online reputation management and mobile marketing.

Search Engines
Since the majority of consumers use search engines to find their next new vehicle, Paragon uses organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) and targeted pay-per-click search marketing campaigns to attract in-market consumers who are shopping for Acuras and Hondas to their website and dealership.

Micro Sites
All of Paragon's digital marketing efforts drive consumers to a campaign microsite where the message, offers, look and feel are consistent with every other part of the campaign. The campaign microsite is designed to convert the maximum number of visitors into email, phone and showroom leads. Here are some examples of microsites we currently use: ParagonHondaInfo.com and ParagonExpressService.com.

Public Relations
Tier10 believes that a free, five-minute story on a major TV network that appears online forever has a bigger impact than an expensive 30 or 60-second TV ad that runs out when the budget expires. We created and distributed relevant press that generates interviews with local press, and we have received exposure in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NY Post and hundreds of stories on national outlets, including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and MSN.

Reputation Management
Today's consumers rely more on other consumers' reviews than advertising, so Online Reputation Management is a top priority at Paragon. When consumers Google Paragon, they will find out about all the things they are doing in the community and they will be able to read positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Targeted Marketing
Paragon communicates with all in-market Honda and Acura consumers by sending custom offers based on their vehicle, miles and position in their ownership cycle. Paragon sends custom campaigns via mail and email to promote all their profit centers — New, Used, Finance, Service and Parts. We dial into Paragon's DMS to target in-equity customers, and we use variable printers to send a custom message to each consumer that shows them how they can get a newer vehicle for a lower payment.

Niche Marketing
We created a corporate purchase program to employees of large organizations in their market that gives them special pricing and service when they do business at Paragon. We sent an information package to the HR departments of the largest organizations in our area to ask them if they want to give this free benefit to their employees. If a company wants to join the program, they receive a communication kit from Paragon that explains the program to their employees. Companies have the option of having brochures customized with their logo and sent to their employees directly so they don't even need to stuff their payroll envelopes.

When you walk into Paragon Honda and Acura, it is obvious something is going on. Even if consumers don't know about their sale, the merchandising quickly reminds them that they are lucky they stopped by at the right time. The dealership has extensive POS Merchandising that promotes the Paragon Guarantee and Paragon's Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles.

The Result
Paragon Honda and Acura grew from #17 to the #1 New & Certified Pre-Owned Honda & Acura Dealer in the U.S. in a short six-month period because of executing the Tier10 strategy.

"Overall, it was our best year in business despite being the worst year in the industry," said Brian Benstock, GM and partner of Paragon Honda and Acura. "We had a record year for volume and profitability during a record low year for the car business." The biggest thing that impacted Paragon's growth was changing their marketing, sales and service strategy last June. "We had an in-house ad agency, but decided to bring on an outside company to help us build and implement a new plan to grow our business," said Benstock.


The Closer – feat. Mariano Rivera

Category: Multimedia

Famed New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera established a partnership with the New York Acura Dealers Association, which consists of 11 Acura dealerships in the New York Metro area. In addition, the New York Acura Dealers Association has been a proud sponsor of Rivera's charity, The Mariano Rivera Foundation. Each member of the association has allocated $50 per vehicle sold into a fund that benefits them.

Tier10 conceptualized, shot and produced "The Closer" ad campaign as a salute to Rivera's position on the field. In the ads, Rivera doesn't speak on purpose because the Acura's features speak for themselves. Just like a "closer" is brought into a game to make sure the victory is seen through, Rivera was brought in to make sure the good purchase was seen through.

Campaign: "The Closer" feat. Mariano Rivera
Vehicle: The 2013 Acura ILX
Television: 30 Seconds (English & Spanish)
Original Air Date: December 10, 2012
Advertising Agency: Tier10
Client: The New York Acura Dealers
Creative Director: Scott Rodgers
Account Management: Scott Fletcher
Production Company: 8112 Studios
Executive Producer: Douglas Sonders
Editor: Nicholas Cambata
Location: New York



Category: Multimedia

Famed New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera established a partnership with the New York Acura Dealers Association, which consists of 11 Acura dealerships in the New York Metro area. In addition, the New York Acura Dealers Association sponsored Rivera's charity, The Mariano Rivera Foundation, which received $50 for every vehicle The New York Acura Dealers sold.

Tier10 conceptualized, shot and produced the "Loyalty" ad campaign as a perfect tie-in to Rivera himself, who has driven Acura vehicles since 1995 and has been a consistent staple in the New York community.

Campaign: "Loyalty" by Mariano Rivera
Vehicle: Acura MDX
Television: 30 Seconds (English & Spanish)
Original Air Date: July 1, 2012
Advertising Agency: Tier10
Client: The New York Acura Dealers
Creative Director: Scott Rodgers
Account Management: Scott Fletcher
Production Company: 8112 Studios
Executive Producer: Douglas Sonders
Editor: Nicholas Cambata
Location: Randall's Island, New York