New Infographic Honors Life,
Legendary Career of Mariano Rivera

In conjunction with his recent retirement, a new infographic has been released honoring future Hall of Fame pitcher Mariano Rivera. The infographic tells the story of Rivera's life, from his humble beginnings in Panama through his legendary career as the New York Yankees closer.

Not only does the infographic show the incredible regular season and postseason records Rivera has compiled, it also points out some career milestones, factoids and other interesting statistics to quantify the scope of his storied 19-year career.

"Once I sat down and started going through everything he has accomplished, it was amazing," said Scott Rodgers, co-founder and chief creative officer at Tier10, who designed the infographic. "I've spent considerable time with him personally, getting to know him outside of baseball, and to be able to design something that was representative of him personally and professionally was the least I could do. There have been few design projects I have enjoyed more than this. As the next chapter of his life begins, I designed this as a tool to educate people on the first few chapters of his book."

Tier10's relationship with Rivera dates back to April 2012, when it helped establish a partnership between him and the New York Acura Dealers, which contribute $50,000 per month to the Mariano Rivera Foundation. Tier10 recently launched a multi-platform advertising campaign with Rivera and the New York Acura Dealers titled "Legends."

"Mariano is everything we wanted in a brand representative," said Scott Fletcher, co-founder and vice president of account services at Tier10. "We all know how great he was as a player, but few know the entire back story that helped shape him into the great person he is today. Hopefully this infographic will help people better understand the story behind this great human being and legendary pitcher."

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Scott Rodgers about his inspiration behind the infographic