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OCTOBER 6, 2021

Extreme Reach Gains CTV Accreditation from MRC, Providing a Comprehensive Look at Video Delivery Across Channels

Advertising, Analytics and Rights Management Leader Also Earns Continued Accreditation for Desktop, and Mobile Web

Extreme Reach (ER), the global advertising, analytics and rights management platform built for all forms of TV and streaming video, has received accreditation for CTV Rendered Video Ad Impressions and related Video Play metrics from the Media Rating Council (MRC), as well as a new accreditation for Mobile App and continued accreditation for Digital Video Rendered Impressions (Desktop & Mobile Web) & Play Events.

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“We have been waiting for this!” said Olivia Devereux, Media Director at Tier10, an award-winning agency specializing in automotive dealer associations, and long-time Extreme Reach client. “We rely on ER’s data to understand where our ads run and how viewers engage with our clients’ messaging across channels. MRC accreditation means we can trust the data we see. As CTV becomes an even larger part of our media mix, we need to gain as much insight into the medium as possible. ER’s push to provide accurate analysis across the digital spectrum is vital to our success.”

The ability to measure CTV is critical for advertisers and agencies amid swelling interest in CTV, especially in AVOD content. The volume of CTV impressions in Q2 2021 was three times larger than in Q2 2020, according to ER’s latest Video Benchmarks Report. CTV accounted for 35% of overall digital video ad impressions in Q2 2021, and has remained in the range of 35% to 41% of impressions served by ER since Q2 2020.

“We congratulate Extreme Reach for expanding upon its suite of MRC accredited metrics to now include Rendered Video Ad Impressions and related Play metrics in CTV and In-App environments,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the MRC. “During this period of rapid change in the industry, ER’s commitment to providing video metrics across platforms that carry the MRC’s “seal of approval” is to be commended.”

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All of ER’s MRC accreditations apply to the company’s global omnichannel activation platform, which provides end-to-end logistics for TV, streaming video and all other media types. The platform integrates all forms of asset preparation and delivery, including video ad serving, with Talent & Rights Management. When in-house and external teams work in one central platform, it’s fast and easy to manage, deploy and track ad assets across today’s complex media landscape, returning revealing insights.

“The pandemic has altered viewer consumption habits, accelerating the adoption of CTV and in turn increasing the need for advertisers to measure these impressions,” said Tim Conley, CEO & Co-Founder of Extreme Reach. “Our research shows that CTV will continue to account for the greatest share of impressions across video channels, so it’s critical that our advertiser and agency partners have access to accurate, informed measurement of these impressions in order to assess their ROI.