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SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

Tier10 Wins Four Platinum Viddy Awards for Honda Ads

Tier10 was named a winner in the 2021 Viddy Awards for its outstanding video creative. The full-service advertising agency received four Platinum awards for its TV ads produced for the Maine Honda Dealers Association (MHDA) and the Northwest Honda Dealers Association (NWHDA). The winning ads showcase the adventure and thrill of driving a Honda while highlighting activities and areas that resonate with their respective markets.


Tier10 produced the “Discover” campaign for the NWHDA. The campaign was built to connect Honda owners to the Pacific Northwest, showcasing activities, areas, and landmarks that resonate with in-market audiences. Tier10 produced and released the campaign, urging viewers to get out and explore the world around them, before the pandemic gripped the nation in 2020. The campaign’s message resonated even once the pandemic began, as viewers could still safely explore open outdoor spaces around them with the help of their Hondas.


The “Life is Better” campaign produced for the MHDA was developed to connect with Honda owners who share the same core beliefs and values of the Honda brand – those of tradition and adventure. Using in-market data, Tier10 built detailed customer profiles for the 2021 Honda CR-V, HR-V, and Pilot, and then identified top-ranking hobbies and interests that aligned with the model and market. The resulting campaign is as captivating as it is relatable.

The “Life is Better” campaign was filmed amid the pandemic in mid-2020. Tier10 did not allow the pandemic to slow their production of creative content, but rather made deliberate changes to ensure the safety of their team and associates. The agency was featured in Automotive News for the innovative way in which their ad process evolved along with the pandemic. Changes were made such as trimming the number of people on set from around 20 to as few as six, booking hotels with the lowest occupancy rates to avoid being around too many people, and ensuring that vehicles were thoroughly cleaned once they were finished being used by actors.

“How we’ve responded to the big changes last year, it defines us as a group, as a company, and our creative and what we’ve been able to accomplish."

Scott Rodgers, Tier10 Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder

Tier10 now films two versions of commercials, one with actors wearing face masks and one without. This allows the agency not only to provide their dealers with variety, but also to decide between the versions as mask usage becomes more or less common.

Tier10’s winning campaigns emphasize activities and locations that in-market audiences can relate to. They are engaging and inspiring, featuring award-winning Hondas not simply in showrooms, but out and about in the world, visiting favorite places and enabling well-loved hobbies and traditions. Tier10 used influencer marketing to tap into businesses and locales that resonate with viewers, effectively promoting social following and web traffic, leading to the campaigns’ well-earned Platinum distinction.

In light of their Viddy Awards recognition, Tier10 has proven that they continually keep their creative on the forefront of modern design and viewer engagement. For more information about Tier10, contact us today.