2016 Muse Creative Awards

Tier10 was named a winner in the 2016 Muse Creative Awards. As a first time entrant, Tier10 received one Platinum Muse Award for its “2015 Agency Reel” and three Gold Muse Awards for their “Movie Night” commercial, “Aston Martin Racing” web video, and “2014 Agency Reel.” The Muse Creative Awards are internationally recognized, putting Tier10 and its award-winning content on a global platform.

Receiving a Platinum Muse Award, Tier10’s “2015 Agency Reel” features over 30 locations in less than two minutes, capturing Tier10’s journey across the automotive arena and showcases the agency’s latest campaigns and clients over the year. Notable mentions include their “Life is Better” Honda campaign,” the “Movie Night” Acura series, and shots of their “Aston Martin Racing” video.

“Movie Night” featuring the 2016 Acura TLX won gold at the Muse Creative Awards. The commercial highlights the new 2016 TLX within New York City – a place befitting of the luxury brand.

Earning gold, “Aston Martin Racing” records Tier10’s travels to St. Petersburg, FL, where they gained full access to capture the TRG-Aston Martin Racing team, including GT race car driver, Christina Nielsen.

Recapping Tier10’s accomplishments in 2014 with a behind-the-scenes feel of how magic is made, the “2014 Agency Reel” received a Gold Muse Award.