Driving What’s Next // Minnesota Youth Hockey

“When the bench feels colder to you,

And you feel medals are meant to be earned.

That’s when you know you’re next.”

The “I’m Next” campaign focuses on the youth athletes of today as they train to be the superstars of tomorrow. What separates them is their unwavering dedication to their craft, expressed through statements of how they view their journey differently from the rest. They’re the future of their field. They’re what’s next.

Driving What’s Next // Minnesota Youth Hockey


Agency: Tier10
Client: Greater Twin Cities Honda Dealers
Campaign: “Driving What’s Next”
Duration: :30 Seconds
Location: Utah
Date: February 2018
Director: Devin Leisher
Director of Photography: Erik Motta
Camera Operator: Alexander Pickering
Executive Producer: Scott Rodgers
Motion Graphics & Visual Effects: Devin Leisher
Copywriter: Nathan Whipple
Account Director: Scott Fletcher
Account Executive: Alexa Stanco