Legacy // 2017 Acura NSX

We’re a certain kind of people.
And this…is our kind of car.

Where advanced technology meets new-school muscle.

From the bottom up.


This is our legacy.
This is New York.
And this is the all-new Acura NSX.

Reborn in the city that never sleeps.

Legacy // 2017 Acura NSX


Agency: Tier10
Client: New York Acura Dealers
Campaign: “Legacy”
Vehicle: 2017 Acura NSX
Duration: :30 Seconds
Location: New York City
Date: May 2016
Producer: Scott Rodgers
Director of Photography: Erik Motta
Production Assistant: Alexander Pickering
First Assistant Camera: Nicholas Galante
Editor: Devin Leisher
Graphics and Effects: Alex Campuzano
Motion Graphics & Visual Effects: Devin Leisher
Copywriter: Jennifer Lee
Account Director: Scott Fletcher