“Life is Better” 2017 Honda CR-V // Winter // NWHDA

“Mt. Hood here we come!”

As winter made its way to Portland, we continued to focus on Steph, as she trades in her kayak and rock climbing gear for some much needed R&R with Craig at the slopes.

We developed the “Life Is Better” campaign series to connect Honda owners and local Portland businesses that share the same core beliefs and values of the Honda consumer. With in-market data, we built detailed customer profiles for the Honda CR-V, then identified local businesses and locations that aligned with the model.

“Life Is Better” 2017 Honda CR-V :30

Agency: Tier10
Client: Northwest Honda Dealers
Campaign: “Life Is Better”
Vehicle: 2017 Honda CR-V
Duration: :30 Seconds
Filming Location: Portland, OR
Date: January 2017
Director: Scott Rodgers
Director of Photography: Erik Motta
Editor: Devin Leisher
Assistant Editor: Alex Campuzano
Motion Graphics & Visual Effects: Devin Leisher
Copywriter: Nathan Whipple
Account Director: Mac Strang
Account Executive: Karen Ergenbright