Life Is Better // 2015 Honda CR-V 

We developed the “Life Is Better” campaign series to connect Honda owners and local Twin Cities businesses that share the same core beliefs and values with the Honda consumer. With in-market data, we built detailed customer profiles for the Honda CR-V and identified local businesses that aligned with the model as well.

This CR-V commercial features the 2015 Honda CR-V at Five Watt Coffee, a trendy coffee shop in the Kingfield neighborhood; Twin Town Guitars, a local music store “by and for musicians;” and The Grand Ole Creamery, a favorite of Twin Cities’ locals that serves super-premium ice cream and other delicious treats.

“Life Is Better” 2015 Honda CR-V :30
“Life Is Better” 2015 Honda CR-V :15

Agency: Tier10
Client: Greater Twin Cities Honda Dealers
Campaign: “Life Is Better”
Vehicle: 2015 Honda CR-V
Duration: :15 Seconds
Location: Twin Cities, MN
Date: August 2015