New Kid on the Block // 2016 Honda Civic

Kids are smarter than we think – and they know a great car when they see one.

A brand defined by family friendliness, Honda’s 2016 Civic is no exception, as depicted in Tier10’s latest spot, “New Kid on the Block.” Showcasing the all-new Civic in a bold, race car red coat, a prodigal sister and her curious brother outline the Civic’s new features through a casual Q&A and even go as far as mentioning its sporty 1.5-liter, turbocharged engine. The spot ends on a lighthearted note and reminds us that kids are still kids.

As the new addition to the Honda family, “New Kid” showcases the 2016 Civic while also highlighting Honda’s family-friendly brand. With its segment-leading power, fuel efficiency, and safety technology, the new 2016 Civic redefines the standards of the vehicle market. It maintains a balance between stylish and safety and is still the same iconic compact car we all know and love.

New Kid on the Block // 2016 Honda Civic


Agency: Tier10
Client: Northwest Honda Dealers
Campaign: “New Kid on the Block”
Vehicle: 2016 Honda Civic
Duration: :30 Seconds
Director: Scott Rodgers
Director of Photography: Erik Motta
Production Assistant: Alexander Pickering
First Assistant Camera: Nicholas Galante
Editor: Devin Leisher
Graphics and Effects: Alex Campuzano
Motion Graphics & Visual Effects: Devin Leisher
Copywriter: Jennifer Lee
Account Director: Scott Fletcher
Account Executive: Andrew Diffenderfer
Date: December 2015

2016 AVA Digital Award