Welcome to the Family // 2015 Acura TLX 

“Only 48 hours with one of the only Acura TLXs in the country at the time, in a city that never sleeps.”

The national TLX launch had been delayed by 3 months, had no in-market media, and needed to hit the ground running in the NY market with style, class and value. Creatively, we positioned the vehicle so that New Yorkers could seem themselves driving in the TLX. We shot throughout the city and delivered in-market footage of the TLX with other core Acura models. The campaign was executed in an English and Spanish version and set the pace for TLX sales in the market. The spot was leveraged in video pre-roll, TV, Cable, and Hispanic media outlets.

While filming in L.A., the crew received a call giving them long-awaited access to the TLX for just 48 hours. After deciding that the best backdrop for the TLX was NYC at night, the crew knew that this would only present them with a number of issues in the city that never sleeps. Anticipating any and all obstacles that would come their way – including the NYC Sanitation Department starring in most of their running footage – the crew kept cameras rolling. With little sleep and running on adrenaline, the Tier10 team wrapped up both nights minutes before 5 a.m. Watch the video and see what Tier10 can do with the all-new TLX and a few short hours in NYC.

“Welcome to the Family” Acura TLX :30
“Behind The Scenes: Welcome to the Family” // 2015 ADDY Award Winner

Agency: Tier10
Client: New York Acura Dealers
Campaign: “Welcome to the Family”
Vehicle: 2015 Acura TLX
Location: New York City, NY
Date: September 2014

2015 ADDY® Award Winner