Advid Feature

Tier10 used Advid to create hundreds of dynamic videos overnight, increasing engagement rates 42% and driving store visits.

Tier10 leveraged the power of video and YouTube to enhance its digital strategy and reach in-market shoppers.

The Goal

  • Bridge gap between Tier 1 (manufacturer) and Tier 3 (local dealership)
  • Maximize Tier 2 Regional Honda Dealer Association remarketing strategy
  • Increase Honda DAA brand awareness and consideration, and drive traffic to local dealerships
  • Increase Honda vehicle sales and steal market share

The Approach

  • Target off-brand consumers with pre-roll ads comparing Honda models to competitors
  • Leverage Advid, the automotive industry’s first automated video solution, to seamlessly update and publish new videos when incentives, model years, inventory, and accolades change within hours

The Results

  • Maximize YouTube, one of the most effective platforms, to reach in-market shoppers
  • From October 2020 to February 2021, Tier10’s Honda DAAs saw an undeniable increase in engagement rates on YouTube:
    • Northern Ohio Honda Dealers: 44% engagement rate and 1,645 store visits
    • Greater Twin Cities Honda Dealers: 38% engagement rate and 1,295 store visits

The Story

In the automotive world, Tier 2 Regional Dealer Associations face the challenge of connecting to their markets and closing the gap between Tier 1 (the OEM or manufacturer) and Tier 3 (local dealerships). Tier10 looked to provide additional coverage and frequency to Honda intenders that would complement Tier 1 buys, create greater brand consideration, and drive traffic to local dealers. 

Tier10 leveraged the power of video and YouTube to enhance its digital strategy and reach in-market shoppers. According to Google, 92% of car buyers research online before they buy. In fact, 74% of car buyers who watched online videos to inform their purchase watched branded video content during their purchase process. The agency took advantage of YouTube to move Honda intenders further down the buying funnel, knowing that consumers watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube every day. 

Tier10 created the “Think Honda” pre-roll campaign to amplify its digital remarketing strategy. Using dealer insight, market reports, third-party data providers, and Tier10’s proprietary in-house technology solution, the agency paired each Honda model with comparable competitor vehicles for each of their clients’ markets (e.g., Honda CR-V vs. Toyota RAV4; Honda CR-V vs. Nissan Rogue; Honda CR-V vs. Kia Sportage). The agency then created 15-second pre-roll ads for each pair, serving the ads when a consumer searched for a competing vehicle. 

As the campaign name suggests, the videos urged consumers to “Think Honda,” touting Honda’s prices, features, and accolades against competitor vehicles. This strategy presented production challenges with never-ending changes to model years, incentives, inventory, and accolades, which resulted in manually creating and updating 150+ videos. The volume of changes and videos resulted in advertising delays, forcing Tier10 to rethink and scale the strategy.

The Solution

Advid, a Data Driven Holdings company, is the automotive industry’s first automated video solution. Advid delivers hundreds of high-quality video ads on the fly, boosting engagement to its highest levels, and making video advertising scalable and cost-effective. The platform allowed Tier10 to update offers any time pricing, incentives, disclaimers, or inventory changed; auto-publish videos to YouTube; easily manage and optimize YouTube campaigns to maximize performance; and prioritize campaigns for Honda models with equal or better pricing than competitors. Additionally, Tier10 used YouTube in-market audiences to reach car shoppers and drive lower-funnel actions and intent with custom video ads. 

Advid allowed Tier10 to simplify workflow and avoid delays by seamlessly refreshing video assets and starting behavioral remarketing campaigns within hours.

The Results

Delivering these extremely specific and relevant ads to consumers with frequency created more bottom-funnel searches, traffic, and store visits. Over the course of 5 months, results included:

  • Northern Ohio Honda Dealers
    • 2,368,990 Impressions
    • 43.94% View Rate
    • $0.03 Avg. CPV
    • $9.13 Avg. CPC
    • 10-13 Sec Avg. Watch Time Per Impression
    • 1,955 View-Through Conversions
    • 1,645 Store Visits
  • Greater Twin Cities Honda Dealers
    • 1,300,202 Impressions
    • 38.26% View Rate
    • $0.04 Avg. CPV
    • $9.18 Avg. CPC
    • 10-11.5 Sec Avg. Watch Time Per Impression
    • 1,694 View-Through Conversions
    • 1,295 Store Visits