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The Acura NSX in New York City

When you were a kid,
You put on a cape and imagined you could fly.

But when you grew up,
They took it all away.

That’s why we made something even better.
It’s time to fly All over again.

The new Acura NSX.

Behind the scenes

How do you connect one of the most iconic nameplates of a brand with the most iconic city in the world?

Easy… a game of cat and mouse in the concrete jungle. Tier10’s “The Acura NSX in New York City” invokes the dark and compelling mythology of Batman with a high-speed chase through city streets. It tells the story of reclaiming the superhero dreams from your childhood behind the wheel of the all-new 2017 Acura NSX supercar.

Here is a quick look behind the scenes with the Tier10 crew.


Agency: Tier10

Vehicle: 2017 Acura NSX

Duration: :60 seconds

Location: New York City

Date: Feb 2017

Producer: Scott Rodgers

Director of Photography: Erik Motta

Camera and Editor: Devin Leisher

Graphics and Effects: Alex Campuzano

Visual Effects: Devin Leisher

Copywriter: Nathan Whipple

Account Director: Scott Fletcher




Audio Design


Aerial Cinematography


Post Production

Public Relations