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Acura + Precision Crafted Performance


After a breakthrough performance in their inaugural GT Daytona season in 2017, Acura’s now set their sights on the Prototype series, pushing their drivers, and their vision, to the limit. Connected under the mantra of “Precision Crafted Performance,” we explore the unity between both racing and production model Acuras through the lens of drivers, designers, and leadership alike. From the factories in Ohio to the showroom floor. From Watkins Glen to city streets. The Acura spirit lives on.

These cars blew my mind and I committed to go to Japan and work in Japan for the first six years to see who built these things.

Jon Ikeda, VP & GM, Acura


Executive Producer: Scott Rodgers

Directed By: Devin Leisher

Director of Photography: Erik Motta


In Association with:

Acura Motorsports

Acura Team Penske

Meyer Shank Racing

HART Racing

Honda Performance



Special Thanks to:

Jon Ikeda, VP & GM, Acura

Brian Benstock, VP & GM, Paragon Acura

Steve Eriksen, VP & COO, HPD

Michael Shank, Team Owner, Meyer Shank Racing

Ricky Taylor, #7, Acura Team Penske

Helio Castroneves, #7, Acura Team Penske

Dane Cameron, #6, Acura Team Penske

Jaun Pablo Montoya, #6, Acura Team Penske

Ryan Eversley, #69, HART Racing Team

IMSA Watkins Glen International Raceway

Classic Car Club Manhattan




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Aerial Cinematography


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